Nutrition and Wellness

Biologicoils. Naturally healthy.

If it is true that “we are what we eat”, then a good diet is essential for physical and mental wellbeing. Eating genuine, natural foods is the first step in a healthy lifestyle. Real dietary rules formed around some foods even in ancient times; one
example is the famous “Mediterranean diet”, with oil at its centre. While we are all familiar with the nutritional and therapeutic virtues of olive oil, the same cannot be said of oils of other origins. The information provided, often superfi cial, does not consider the qualities not just of the individual oil but also of its use in alternation and/or blends with other oils. This is where the secret lies.

Biologicoils.A healthy diet is a right and a duty.

Today experts believe that at least 30% of daily energy intake must. be provided by oils and lipids, the macronutrients (substances that provide our bodies with the energy needed for life) with the highest calorie content. Once choice source of this energy input is oil, or rather a combination of different oils obtained from oil-bearing seeds and nuts. A mixture that not only delivers sensory variety but also balances the oils’ various nutritional and health-giving properties. Knowledge of the raw material processing methods is vital for guaranteed product quality. Our organic growing methods, and above all our total control of the entire product chain and processing technologies, give you that guarantee.

Biologicoils. Different oils, a single aim: your wellbeing.

A line of oils made from crops produced organically, without using weedkillers and pesticides, extracted by simple mechanical procedures, intended for a healthy diet. The flavour and energy input of olive oil and the beneficial effects of sunflower and pumpkin seed oils, rich in zinc, vitamins and trace elements, are valuable resources for your health.

Because your wellbeing cannot be left to chance.

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