The Babylonians and Persians used to use it to preserve foods, while both in both Roman and Greek times it was used not only as a condiment but also, diluted with water, as a thirst-quenching drink.


Rich in mineral salts and containing very few calories (10 ml of vinegar has only just over 3 calories), vinegar helps compensate for insufficient bile production, facilitates the absorption of vitamins and dissolves the fats in foods. The acidity in vinegar is similar to the acidic substances produced by our bodies themselves to eliminate fats and carbohydrates; the pH of vinegar is actually the same as that of the human body.Using vinegar as a condiment is an excellent way of significantly reducing glycaemia, meaning the amount of glucose in the blood. What’s more acetic acid is able to prevent the build-up of fats in the body. Wine vinegar is commonly used incooking, especially in vinaigrettes, and in marinades; it is also used as a condiment for fish and salads

*Texts taken from the literature.

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