During archaeological digs in South America, clay jars full of peanuts have been discovered in ancient royal tombs, indicating that this very popular nut was already being eaten a very long time ago

Peanut oil’s strong flavour and unmistakable nutty taste make this delicious oil an essential member of the assortment of oils to hand in the best kitchens.

Like cardoon seed oil, peanut oil is highly prized by dermatologists: it has positive effects above all on dandruff, and if added to bathwater it helps to combat dry skin and chronic eczema. This delicate speciality is also used for baby and infant care.


As well as containing a high percentage of polyunsaturated fatty acids, peanut oil also supplies the body with a plentiful reserve of mono-unsaturated fatty acids, extremely important for regulating blood cholesterol levels.


Peanut oil is therefore ideal for the quick roasting and grilling of fish, poultry, meat and game.  It is thus an excellent alternative for the often refined, much poorer quality fats normally used for cooking procedures of this kind. This valuable product is also excellent for dressing salads and vegetables, and is the ideal ingredient for mayonnaise and a variety of sauces.

Biologicoils peanut oil is origin USA

*Texts taken from the literature.


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