A tree of very ancient origin, initially from south-western Asia. The nut is a drupe, having an edible kernel inside a woody shell.


Walnut oil has an original, delicate flavour, and it brings a special touch to cold dishes.


The kernel contains large quantities of juglone, which is antiseptic and keratinising, meaning that it aids skin cell renewal. It can be used as a tanning aid, because it stimulates melanin  production. It also contains unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins which make it a kind of natural filter against solar radiation , equivalent to a protection factor of 2-3.



Walnuts and the oil obtained from them are amongst the few vegetable sources of alpha linolenic acid, plentiful in saltwater fish. Walnut oil’s acidic composition is rich in polyunsaturated acids (65%), predominant amongst them tryglicerides rich in fatty acids belonging to the omega six (55%) and omega three (10%) series; there is also a fairly high content of mono-unsaturated fats (oleic acids, 15%). Walnut oil can therefore be an excellent aid in restoring excessively high blood  cholesterol and triglyceride levels to normal.


Walnut oil is delicious with raw meats ,  fresh cheeses, pasta,  legumes , potatoes cauliflower, asparagus, vinaigrettes and fish.

*Texts taken from the literature.

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